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Trish brings "a wealth of knowledge to classes", "she takes time to ensure you understand what we are aiming to achieve and that the poses should work for us and not the other way round". "She weaves her knowledge of philosophy into lessons" but "most of all her sense of humour and kindness shine through". 

        The Delabole Group

I cannot talk highly enough of my yoga practice with Trish. I look forward to our after school sessions and truly believe it’s the best way to end a day after being busy in   the classroom. Whilst teaching, my mind is constantly “buzzing” and my brain is full of things to do. My yoga practice forces me to stop and relax, which in turn means  when I go home to my young family in a better frame of mind. I’ve had back surgery in the past and Trish’s yoga practice helps to keep my core strong.  She’s always willing to offer advice when my back is sore and adapts yoga positions for me if I find them difficult. Yoga is my favourite part of the week!


Lucy Gregory, Curriculum Area Leader for

Ethics, Philosophy and Religion 

Trish's yoga therapy sessions have given me useful tools that have helped me so much when I'm struggling with fatigue or anxiety. I really enjoyed our sessions. Thank you Trish :)

Catherine S, 50

As a  (mature) person who new to Yoga leading a busy lifestyle through Trish’s guidance I have been able to take the opportunity to use the practice to help me reflect and be mindful of my own abilities and wellbeing. Ensuring students are relaxed and comfortable.


The approach Trish takes is guiding, supportive and encouraging.  Having an understanding and awareness of the abilities within the group. Helping the individuals to develop their techniques, rather than directing students to go beyond what they can achieve at that time.  Having an understanding that at times we have more flexibility and balance than at other times.


Through Trish’s guidance I have become more aware to listen to my body and gain greater understanding of where I hold stress and feelings.  Learning to relax, meditate and allow myself time to process the day, week or event.


Having experienced her approach to teaching, I have endeavoured to adopt new practice to my own work when supporting people in education and employment.  As a role model and guide I for one really appreciate the effect of Trish’s teaching is having on me to offer me a gentler approach to myself and the people I work with.


Sue Willmott MA HRM

I first approached Trish for some help with sciatic pain. Her knowledge and understanding of her practice is amazing and the way she makes it so relatable to your condition helps too. I feel like I have been given pain management skills and an awareness of my condition. 

Dean D, 32

Trish is so compassionate and attentive. She put lots of effort and research into our sessions and I learnt a lot.

Alice M, 21

When I first started yoga therapy I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I was naturally a little anxious but Trish immediately put me at my ease. Through  a range of different movements and other techniques we worked together to improve my health.  The most important thing to me was the feeling that I was not alone on my journey, I felt secure and supported every step of the way.

A few months later I have a yoga ‘tool kit’ to delve into to help in all sorts of every day situations.

Claire W, 50

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